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What is Insurance on Your License?

At Yakima Valley Insurance, we have a broad offering of auto insurance. One unique offering we have is called “Broad Form Named Driver”.  We have multiple insurance carriers who offer broad form insurance, so we can shop for you to find the best deal. Broad Form Named Driver is also commonly referred to as “Insuring Your License” or “Insurance on Your License”. This is because you don’t have to list specific autos on this type of policy. A “Broad Form Named Driver” policy will cover liability for the listed, named driver in any owned or non-owned private passenger auto used for personal use. This means if you don’t own an auto, or you own several autos, it will not affect the price you pay.

Some common exclusions and important things to consider when purchasing “Broad Form Named Driver” Insurance include;

1. Business Use – Typically most business use will not be covered on this type of insurance.

2. Commercial Vehicles – Coverage only applies to private passenger autos, most commercial style vehicles will not be covered.

3. Permissive use – If you loan out your owned vehicle, no coverage will extend to other operators not listed on the Declaration Page.

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